Bailey Blue & Liz Rainbow in lesbian action Skinny babe is used to its full extent.

They had been friends for months, but neither of them had the courage to make a move. She was so beautiful and kind and he adored her, but he was scared of being rejected.

One day, they were out on a walk in the park and he finally decided to take the plunge. He took her hand and told her that he had been in love with her for so long and wanted to ask if she felt the same way.

She looked up at him with a huge smile, squeezed his hand and said yes, she loved him too. He felt so relieved and the two of them shared a passionate kiss right there in the park.

From that day on, they were inseparable and declared their love for each other to the world. They spend their days together, sharing romantic dates and sweet moments. They knew they were meant to be and were so happy to have found each other.